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Catalina 36 Association
Fleet 4 Schedule of Events
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Upcoming Events:
August -- Everyone is gone cruising

September 14 - 15 -- Blake Island "Fall Quickie Cruise"

You all like surprises don't you?  Well we've had a last minute change of plans.  We've decided (actually Barry W and I decided) to head over to Blake Island for our soon-to-be-famous "Fall Quickie Cruise."


Plan is (now pay attention because this gets complicated) for the early birds to arrive Friday at the State Park docks on the north end of Blake Island. Try to secure moorage along the "bottom part of the U" of one of the docks. If we get two C36s in there, we can "reserve" the moorage and can then do a "stern first" moorage as other boats arrive ... allowing us to get about six boats beam to beam along the dock.


Plan B -- if the dock is full on Friday, or we don't get some boats over there by Friday -- is to head around to the west side of the island and either tie up alongside the "yellow submarine" type mooring or just anchor out somewhere where we can raft up. 


If this all sounds confusing, well, it is confusing to me and I'm the one that came up with this crazy plan.  We'll monitor CH 71 to guide you on Saturday.


Bring some firewood and we'll try to recreate our Brownsville BBQ on the beach.  This is the last chance for the Fleet to get together before our famous "six months of rain" sets in (commonly known as Winter), so lets try for a good turn out of boats.


Food situation is bring as much as you can carry and plan to share with other hungry C36'ers.  More beer is always encouraged.  Hopefully we can get some of those brand new C36's that were purchased this summer to come up and join us.


If you have any questions, call me at 425-681-4343 or email during the day to: or at night to

Past Events:

July 13 - 14 -- Port Ludlow Golf Cruise

This was a great cruise, but where was everybody? Our soon-to-be newlyweds, Barry & Diana Williams, were holding down the fort in Whirlwind as Walter & Meryl Conner coasted in on Endless Summer.  It was overcast, but we had a great time just sitting around and talking about everything.  On Sunday the Conners dingied into the Port Ludlow Resort and took the shuttle up to the golf course for what was probably the most embarassing round of golf of their lives.  "Thank God no one else was there" they were overhead saying later in the day.  Apparently a large number of golf balls were "donated" to the local flora and underbrush.  Anticipating a great downwind sail back to Seattle on Sunday, we ended up motoring the whole way, but a great trip none the less.


June 8-9, 2002Gig Harbor Cruise and Fleet 4 Meeting


This cruise was so popular, boats started showing up Thursday afternoon. By Friday night we had three C36's alongside the Jerisich Park dock, including Walter & Meryl Conners Endless Summer, Rod Draughon & Tina Laings Will O'Wind, and Jim & Kelly Hettingers Cutter's Edge.  Saturday morning saw the arrival of Barry Williams and Diana Hager on Whirlwind, Mike & Lynda McCann on Jaded, Sid & Joan Hayes on Vision, and Joe & Laurie Payne on Hiaqua.  We were joined at the dock by Bob & Jan Elmer, Dave Lombard, and assorted friends and family.  Around 2:00 pm we all walked up to Spiro's Pizza for our fleet meeting, where we finalized the summer cruising schedule and enjoyed some great pizza.  Back down on the docks we chatted and visited each others boats. Around five, the Conner's treated everyone to Thai chicken sate and Blue Hawaiians, a potentially lethal combination of rum curacao, pineapple juice, and coconut milk. Yes, they really are blue, and after about three of them you need to put on your life jacket, just in case. Following the cocktail hour, we enjoyed a delicious on-the-dock potluck dinner, followed by great, Blue Hawaiian-induced, conversations until the wee hours (apprx. 10:30 pm for this group). Highlights of the days activities included Kelly Hettinger's description of one of her favorite response mechanisms, and marveling at all the neat modifications on the Hettinger's flawless 1995 C36, Cutter's Edge. Sunday dawned with perfect blue skies and a 10-knot southerly. A great sail home rounded out the weekend for Fleet 4.


May 11-12, 2002: Mother's Day Cruise to Brownsville
Our first fleet cruise to Brownsville Marina was a great success. It was quite a sight seeing five C36s all in a row on the outer breakwater at Brownsville. The marina reserved a length of dock for the fleet, and even put together a "welcoming brochure" with the C36 Fleet 4 name on the cover.
Vice Captain Barry Williams greeted the arriving boats and helped everyone tie up. That was followed by the obligatory boat tours seeing other C36s and how members have modified their boats.
We had a cocktail hour on the dock followed by a winnie roast at a small park just above the marina, where we relived every storm and every sailboat race we'd ever been in.
Boats attending included: Barry Williams on Whirlwind, Joe and Laurie Payne on Hiaqua, Sid and Joan Hayes on Vision, Trevor and Karisa MacLachlan on Dunoon, and Walter and Meryl Conner Endless Summer.

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