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Catalina 36 Association
Burgee Designs
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Proposed Burgee Designs

Burgee A

Burgee B

To vote for the burgee of your choice, please e-mail Walter Conner.

Catalina 36 International Association Burgee

If you are a member of the C36 International Association, you can order the new International burgee for $25 (includes shipping and packaging).  Checks should be made to "Brian Giersch" (Vice Commodore, C36 IA), who will mail the burgee and forward the check to the association treasurer.  Please include your email address, as well as shipping address so Brian can alert you of the status of the order (ie.  "in the mail", "awaiting a new shipment").

Brian's mailing address is:

Brian Giersch
9106 Old Burton Circle
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772

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